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Conservas Costera” was founded in 1926 in Natahoyo (Gijón) as a family-run fish canning company, soused and salted, tinning under the brand name “La Gloria”, white tuna from the north ( in olive oil and without salt), anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea (in oil and salted) and Horse-Mackerel (fried and pickled in tins and wooden barrels).

We can´t forget to thank all those people, employees, representatives, customers and collaborators whose work and dedication have enabled us to proudly witness the beginning of a new stage of “Conservas Costera” in the new factory, set in Sotiello.

The quality of Costera products is due to the control of the entire manufacturing process: raw material is selected in the boat, fish is caught with traditional methods in the Cantabrian Sea and it is dealt with care. It is kept in ice to be later transported in insulated trucks and therefore it is completely fresh on arriving at our premises.

Nuevos Patés COSTERA

Durante el proximo mes de Julio saldran al mercado la nueva gama de patés marca COSTERA. Los nuevos patés [...]


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